Day 2 – AutoZone Sooner Run @ Fort Gibson Lake

My final BASS entry for 2010! It’s been a quick and tough season for me. I started the season great day one at the Delta, and ended it well day 2 here. Today I had 15 plus, caught 15 keepers and even lost another over 5lbs! Everything worked today, jigs, cranks and worms, just real shallow 1 to 5ft deep. Tournament fishing is so humbling, when you see $10,000 just swim away. I want to thank all of you for reading my blogs, and I’ll do another for the US Open on lake Mead in July. Now, I’m heading home for fathers day with TJ and Amy! I will be working on new sponsorship for next year, so if any of you have any ideas or contacts for sponsors, it would be GREATLY appreciated!! That’s it for now, but check back for Lake Mead...

Day 1 – AutoZone Sooner Run @ Fort Gibson Lake

3 bass for 8lbs! Not really sure what happened to my practice areas, but it was windy and those fish never bit. Still had a chance for a good bag, had one almost 6lbs jump off right at the boat, and lost quite a few others that I never saw. Just another poor day in a poor year, trying to get it all out of my system, so I can get back to catching them!

Day 1 Practice – AutoZone Sooner Run @ Fort Gibson Lake

Shallow, thats all I can say about Ft Gibson. The lake has deep water, but the fish only seem to live in the first 10 ft of it. I caught 5 or 6 keepers, up to about 3.5 lbs, mostly on jigs and worms. I’ll keep prefishing tomorrow, I think it will take about 15lbs a day to make a check. Should be fun!!