Classic – 2nd and final day for me

I went prefishing, and besides the creek where all the leaders are, it’s brutally tough. Skeet,Denny, Hackney, and Byron are just some of the guys that never had a bite! I had 5 bites, like yesterday, but only boated 3 of them. I was in one creek where they were busting shad, and I couldn’t catch any. Finally, I ran down to my clear water creek and threw a wacky-rigged senko to one tree, and had 5 bites in that tree. Two nice two pounders came unbuttoned right at the boat, and I boated 3 small keepers. I probably could have stayed on that tree till weigh-in, and maybe caught enough to fish tomorrow, but I knew I needed something more if I was going to get back in contention. I tried everything I knew to try and just never figured them out. On the positive side, I’ve had a great time blogging to all of you and getting such great support. Having my family here was very special, and this was one of the most enjoyable trips that I’ve ever had. I will be at the ISE show in Phoenix next Sat and Sun, so if you go stop by and see me in the Hook-up booth, I’ll tell some more stories. I will probably blog the first Elite series at the Delta in March, so till then, go out get fishing’!!!!


  1. Great effort man! We were all rootin for you! Go kill em at the Delta!–Tommy J

  2. Nick Wiley /

    It’s a neat thing you are getting to do John. You showed great poise up on stage and did a great job.

  3. Thanks for all the blogging John. We look forward to seeing you have a great season. Rack’em up on the Delta!

    The Ettore’s

  4. Keep bloggin’ man!!!

  5. Go kill ’em on the Delta!!