Sabine 2015

We kicked off the 2015 Elite season at a great, but tough venue, the Sabine River out of Orange TX. This year, I’m back to staying with Skeet and Byron, as TJ has started school and Amy tok a job at Rigid Lighting. I went a couple days early to attend Byron’s wedding, which was a great time.

I was anxious for the first day of practice, because last time I had a great 2nd day and finished in the money. Unfortunately, this year, I spent the first 6 hours of practice in an area that was later determined off-limits!!  So the sum  total of practice the 1st day was a couple bites on some water from last time. The 2nd day, I stayed closer to the ramp and had lots of action and found some productive areas. The 3rd day, I actually had a great day in an area that most of the top 5 fished, but I felt it would be too crowded and never went back!!

The 1st day of competition, I returned to my favorite area from last time, but could only scrape up 2 keepers for the day. The 2nd day, with a 2hour fog delay, I stayed close and caught 4 keepers and lost a 3lber at the boat to just miss the cut by 1 lb!!!! So frustrating!!

The lesson learned was to stay closer and maximize the fishing time under tough conditions. i caught every keeper flipping a Gene Larew Mega tube with a 1/4 oz R2S tungsten weight on a Lews flipping rod to cypress trees.

The best part of the weekend came Saturday when I got to take  a team of high school fishermen out on a championship finale to a private lake. My anglers, Brett Clark and Jared Wiggins, finished 2nd place with 8-11 for 3 bass!! Always great to meet such great young men and fine anglers, was truly a great experience.

Next one is at Guntersville, and should be a slugfest- I’m ready!!

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  1. David Peters /

    Thanks for the 1st day ride in Orange on the Sabine. I really enjoyed it. Sorry you were only able to muster 2 keepers. It was my first time marshaling and you were very accommodating!
    Good luck on the 2015 tour…I’ll be watching you and Skeet.

    David Peters
    Schertz, TX