Mid July

We are counting down to the last 2 Elites of 2013. Both up north ( New York and Michigan) and still in the hunt for the Classic!! Check out my recent articles on Bassmaster.com and Bassfan.com. Also check out my FB page John Murray, Professional Angler!!!

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  1. Todd Shearin /

    Hey John, My name is Todd and I was your day 2 marshal on West Point lake this year. I saw the article on bassfan and wanted you to know that I’m thinking and praying for you. You were the model of professionalism yet so down to earth and easy going the day I rode with you, I felt as if I’d known you for years! I appreciated your kindness and willingness giving a “regular guy” an inside look of the how to’s of being a pro angler at the highest level. Much of our exchange that day was initiated by you and even with so much at stake, your genuine conversation and tips made feel more like a friend than a marshal. You may remember that I am Pastor and Hospice chaplain. You asked me first thing that morning about my career, family, etc. and was very kind and interested in what I do. Thanks for a great day and know that I’m pulling for!! Todd Shearin