BASS Elite Series Tournaments

Posted by on Jan 8, 2016

By that, I mean we have moved cross-country from AZ to TN and now live on the shores of Watts Bar  lake. I’ve lived  in AZ for all my 51 years, so I thought it might be hard to re-locate- far from the truth, I can’t believe I didn’t do it sooner!! Our town is just 2000 population, and about an hour to either Knoxville or Chattanooga, so big time difference from central Phoenix. TJ loves his new school, and Amy and I love the outdoor lifestyle. My commute to tournaments will be much shorter, with the longest drive this year being 13 hours! Looking forward to learning the lake lifestyle and wishing everyone a great...

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Bassmaster Classic

Posted by on Feb 18, 2014

We are here!!  Three days of practice are in the books, and we have now checked into the Birmingham Sheraton getting ready for the big show. Practice was tough- I caught 7 keepers in 3 days, but with Amy and TJ here with me- it’s been great! We kept the motorhome out at the lake and left the boat there, because it is an hour and forty-five minute drive each way. I’ll probably make that drive in the pm and stay in the motorhome so I can sleep an extra hour in the morning. Having a great time and it is a great way yo start our new 2014...

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Bassmaster Opens

Posted by on Sep 15, 2011

I’m heading to the last northern Bass Open on Oneida lake early tomorrow morning. I’ll fish that, and head back to Phoenix and the warmth! It is 41 deg here in Illinois, and there is frost on my boat, AZ here I come! Fished some local ponds yesterday with a local fisherman, Bill Miller had fun and caught quite a few nice ones. Gave the new smaller size River2Sea diver frog a workout, and it’s a great bait, it really acts like the frogs around these ponds. Now I’m off to get the truck serviced and cleaned for the long trip across the...

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Other Tournaments

Posted by on Feb 5, 2014

It sure is beautiful down here in south Florida- high’s about 80 everyday and the bass are biting! The chore will be to get some big bites as is always the case here in Florida. Topwater baits like the R2S Tango Prop and the new small whopper plopper have been on fire for numbers, but the big ones usually come flipping heavy cover. With 180 boats in this tournament, even a big lake like this will seem small. Should be a fun week, and a good tune-up for the BassMasters Classic in 10...

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Recent Posts

Mid July

We are counting down to the last 2 Elites of 2013. Both up north ( New York and Michigan) and still in the hunt for the Classic!! Check out my recent articles on and Also check out my FB page John Murray, Professional Angler!!!


Still here, but put my posts on Facebook under John Murray, professional angler. We are in Illinois for the summer, with 3 Elites left. Should be a great summer, I’m sitting 35th for AOY and all you can ask for is a shot to make the Classic!!!

Bull Shoals

This lake is beautiful and full of bass, but it sure kicks my butt!! Finished in the 90’s again this year, and can’t do that again!! We are heading to the Mark’s outdoors tournament then Georgia for West Point, have to do better there!

Texas Elites

Had a tough but fun first two tournaments in Texas! Finished 39th at the Sabine and 37th at Falcon. They were complete opposite type tourneys- Sabine took 10 lbs to make the cut, while falcon took 40lbs!! I have a couple weeks off, then heading to Bull Shoals AR, with Amy and TJ- can’t wait!!!


After a disappointing tourney at Roosevelt, I have my boat in to get wrapped at Allaboutsignsaz. Tomorrow, I head up to Las Vegas for the ISE show thru Sunday! I’m gonna tie this site soon to my Facebook page, John Murray, Professional Angler, but till then check out my FB page!!!


Just finished a tough prefish for Roosevelt. Tougher than I’ve ever seen it. Five keepers a day will be great! I like tough tourneys and will try to put 30 years of experience to use- I’m ready!!!!